Getting back to healthy

by Rumour Miller on November 24, 2009

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We are finally getting back to healthy in our home!

It all started with Davilyn and croup and a possible H1N1 diagnosis (that still hasn’t been confirmed). Then last Thursday, our Sweet Pea came down with some kind of flu. I like to call it, The Fine by Day, Puking by night, flu.

She threw up every night since Thursday. Daddy stayed home with her yesterday and he said that, despite her “fine by day” attitude on every other day, she was remarkably improved. And that she was! Piperoni was back.

And last night? No puking. No puking at all! So today, both of my Bambinas are back at Ms. Charlene’s (where they belong and love to play) and we are on the healthy side of things again. And it feels so good!

And to top it all off! One more month until the big man in red flies!

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