A Merry Christmas?!

by Rumour Miller on December 29, 2009

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(I started writing the post Christmas Day night… I finished it a few days later)


As I sit here downloading pictures, watching the snow falling heavily outside (and in a great abundance as well) I am so relieved that the girls are in bed. I am face to face with the reality that Children and Christmas (although great in theory) do not necessarily mix together nicely. They are kind of like oil and water, aren’t they? I’m being a bit dramatic, but this year was a bit more stressful than ever before.

Piper started coming down with a cold and it had her laying on the couch, Christmas Eve Day, without much energy. Despite that, we could not convince her to have a nap… go figure. She was so congested at night and snoring. Oh my word, the snoring. I was just pretty thankful that it wasn’t the stomach flu or something equally as bad. It was just a cold, and she would be fine.

Then, of course, she never sleeps well after a particularly exciting day. And, what is more exciting than a visit from Santa Claus on the Eve of Christmas? So, she had a pretty restless sleep which meant that Daddy and Mommy did too.

Davilyn. Well she is Davilyn. She decided that Christmas would be the time to re-visit some bad sleeping habits. So we were up a lot with her through the night and becoming oh so very exhausted. She was in great spirits on Christmas Day until it came time to sit down and eat our big Turkey dinner. Instead of listening to Christmas carols playing in the background, we all ate listening to Davilyn cry.

Despite the stress and the excitement of the holiday season, we made off like bandits. The girls were lucky enough to have a visit from the Man in red himself on Christmas Eve and even Davilyn warmed up to him a bit. I guess anyone giving out presents is worth a second chance. They both enjoyed the gifts layed out for them under the tree and that joy is what makes the hustle and bustle, the stress and the lack of sleep worth it. Every time.

We arrived home on the 27th in the afternoon and the girls quickly started to settle all of their newly aquired treasures. They played with them and shortly after supper both girls retired to bed. And both girls (and Mommy and Daddy) had a good nights sleep.

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