2009 Year in Review

by Rumour Miller on December 31, 2009

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Another year behind us and a fresh one on the horizon. 2009 was a pretty good year here at The Rumour Mill. We have our health (or most of it), we have jobs, a home and we have each other. My life is busy, but my heart is very very full… and I just can’t beat that. Before I know it, I will be a Mom to 3 Divas! Sometimes it all seems like a dream.

2010 will be a milestone year for us. At least for me and infertility. I am going to close that door forever and focus on just being a good Mom and a good Wife. As I have written before, this is a difficult time for me and I don’t really know how it will all play out in my heart. Although, I fully expect to be happy!
It is very similar to graduation. Although the opportunities that lay before me are awesome, the journey is just beginning. Again. Over. Starting fresh. As exciting as it is, it is scary to leave the old behind and embrace the new. To let things in the past, stay in the past (where they belong). Infertility is in my past but for so long, it made up such a big part of who I was. Who I am. So, the newness of this is just a little bit intimidating. But, I am so looking forward to being Rumour Miller – Mom of 3 gorgeous Divas and Wife to one fabulous man.

Davilyn came down with RSV in January and scared us, humbled us and made me question my abilities as a parent. Seeing her in the Children’s Hospital ER, groggy and dozy with a mask being held to her face sent a chill through me. Her oxygen levels were very low and I can’t even think about what would have happened if we had waited to take her in. Thankfully, she recovered and was in good spirits after about a week.
2009 provided us with the opportunity to take two unforgettable trips to Disney World. My Dad talked for years about us going to Disney World but, for many reasons I am sure, we never did go. Then, in February, just like that. We did it. The only shame is that my sister was not able to join us. A memorable trip it was, and I have 1700 + pictures to prove it, but when I look at them I feel as though something was missing. And there was. My sister was not there.
Piper turned three in March and I still remember, like it was yesterday, the day she was born. I can hardly believe that in a few short months she will be four.
Davilyn turned one in June and I find that I am still in awe of the fact that she is here and I have two gorgeous girls. She is quite the little spit fire and her personality is so different from Piper’s.
We spent our summer camping together and enjoying the family time that it provided to us. The girls really seemed to love it and I certainly enjoyed playing at the beach and the park with them. Piper took off riding her bike and loved bringing it with us when we went camping. Sometimes it is a bit stressful (and a whole lot of work) to do these things with two small children, but I want to make memories with them that will last a lifetime. I want my girls to look back at their childhood and know that we had fun together.
The fall brought with it a month of sickness and I was never happier to see a month end! We managed to survive and seem no worse for wear.
We spent Christmas at my parents’ home and watched as the girls stared wide eyed at the presents under the tree. It really is a holiday meant for children and meant for the child that still remains in all of us.

“Be at war with your vices; at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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