Month 19 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on January 1, 2010

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Dearest Davilyn ~

You have been with us for an entire calendar year! Each month, day, minute, second of 2009 has you in it and what a good year it was. Your personality is now, really starting to shine. You are indeed your special person.

2010 will be another good year for us and one with much change. Bringing another little being into our family and then adjusting to it all. It might be a while before Mommy’s finds her groove as a Mom of three Divas, but you will help me out. Won’t you?

You are talking so much now and learning new words all of the time. You will copy and repeat and, still, make up some of your own. Some new words you are saying: Please, Thank You, toast, banana, toes, socks. I am sure there are more, I just can’t think of all of them right now.

Being your Mama is certainly a joy. Something that I can’t even begin to describe with words. It is just an overwhelming feeling that I have in my heart and in my soul. I know that we waited for you… you were meant for us. You were meant to join us at just the right time. This is something that I see over and over again each day. All those years that I prayed for a baby, for children, not knowing that you were a part of that prayer unfolding. But you were and you are. Not understanding why we had to wait. Then there was you. Every one of my prayers answered.
I am looking forward to another wonderful year for you and having more Davilyn conversations.
Mama loves you, Boo. Love Mommy
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