The One Where I’m Kinda, Sorta, Getting Mad

by Rumour Miller on January 9, 2010

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Not long ago… well about 13 weeks ago, actually. I saw my OB for the first time for this pregnancy. I was right around 12 weeks. This was the appointment where I mentioned that I was concerned (again) about an early delivery and even more concerned that I would go into labour before 34 weeks. You know, because Piper arrived at 36 weeks and Davilyn arrived at 34 + weeks. So I am at risk for another pre term birth. Other factors that put me at risk include my diabetes.

At my OB appointments we have discussed that around 28 – 30 weeks, I would likely take oral steroids to help Diva 3’s lungs mature faster. You know, in the event I go into labour early. That was until my last appointment, where my OB kinda, sorta, made me mad, when she said that we will wait and see what happens. Then we went on to discuss that if I went into labour early, there would be no time to administer the steriods (because I have already had 2 c-sections, I cannot have a vaginal birth… not that I think my body would cooperate with a vaginal birth anyway and that’s a whole other post).

So my concern is the link between Davilyn’s early arrival and her Asthma issues. Because there is a link. Despite what my OB seems to think on the matter (which is that they are unlikely related). BUT….

Premature babies also face an increased risk of lasting disabilities, such as mental retardation, learning and behavioral problems, cerebral palsy, lung problems and vision and hearing loss as I have been reading here March Of Dimes

We really have no idea why my body chooses to go into pre term labour since only about half the women who have preterm labor fall into any known risk group. So although I have a few risk factors, that is really all I have. The only thing that I feel like I can fight against is the potential for Diva 3 to have lung problems. I can take the steroids to try and avoid that.

Why won’t my OB listen to me! So, my next appointment falls on February 4, 2010 and I will be 29 + weeks. Craig will be coming with me and we will be insisting on the steroids. There is no risk to baby to give them to me but there is a risk if I deliver early and I haven’t had them.

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sky girl January 9, 2010 at 10:05 am

I wonder why your OB is dragging her feet on this. Now, it's causing you a great deal of stress which can only work against you.

Keep us posted!

Rumour Miller January 9, 2010 at 10:18 am

I know, right. She doesn't seem as concerned about it as we are. Very frustrating.

Rachel M. January 9, 2010 at 1:50 pm

This is really disturbing, you have TWO pre-term pregnancy's behind you and they are still dragging their feet? Is it too late to switch doctor's? My daughter also came early at 35.5 weeks and it was so unexpected all they could do was deliver the baby. Now that I'm carrying twins I've made sure both regular and doctor Risky know about the early birth and we are discussing options. I'll keep the steroids in mind, I might be needing this too. Best of luck and I'll be praying for you.

Rumour Miller January 10, 2010 at 8:45 am

I know! My Dr. is very frustrating. I feel like a hamster spinning it's wheel. Hopefully next appointment, Craig and I can "gang up" on her.

Jen January 11, 2010 at 7:51 am

Seriously, you need to yell, scream, cry, kick, or do whatever you have to, to get some answers. There is obvioulsy a connection with ptl in your history. I am shocked they didn't put you on the P17 shots weeks ago, it has a very good history of delaying ptl and is a pretty easy fix. I do know that the steriod shots only give the baby a two week jump. So. maybe your dr wants to wait till closer to the 32/34 week mark. Make sure you ask her to explain her plan because you are concerned about the Nicu and a preemie!

Also, one of my boys, a preemie, has asthma, and we have NO one else in our family with issues. My pediatrician also said it's from being a preemie.

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