The one where she admits

by Rumour Miller on February 4, 2010

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That she is kinda, sorta getting a bit anxious. About Diva 3’s arrival and when exactly that will be. I seem to be the only one who thinks she could be really early.

I do not share the same optimism that Craig has. Thinking that I will make it to April before we have a newborn (although that would be wonderful. I’d love for my 3 Diva’s to each have their own special birth month, even if that means Diva 3 and I will share one).

I do not share the same optimism that my Baby Doctor has. You know, the scheduling my c-section for 38 weeks. Telling me a story about a patient she has that had two early babies (via c-section @ 30 and 32 weeks) and her third one was delivered in the 38th week during the scheduled c-section.

Well even Craig doesn’t share that optimism… “I don’t think you’ll go 38 weeks. Wouldn’t that be kinda strange though. Waking up in the morning, knowing you were heading to the hospital to have a baby today, no matter what.”

So I sit here, wondering (like many pregnant women who have gone before me) when my precious baby will make her appearance. Hoping she’ll hang in until April, but not really believing that to be possible. Still hoping, none the less.

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Piccinigirl February 5, 2010 at 7:58 am

Hoping with you sweetie..for Diva #3 to just hold on until April. 🙂

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