The One with the hospital food

by Rumour Miller on March 13, 2010

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On Tuesday night, around midnight, I woke with a low blood sugar level. I went to the kitchen to test my level and then eat. I felt terrible for the rest of the night. I was having some contractions (that weren’t intense but the back pain was). When I still wasn’t feeling well in the morning, we decided that I should go to Obstetrical Triage. The baby, thank goodness, is doing great.

They monitored me for a few hours, talked to my Endocrinologist and then sent me home. My endocrinologist wanted to see me first thing the next morning. My blood sugars on Wednesday were perfect for the rest of the day.
Thursday morning I had breakfast and took the girls to their last day of day care and went to my appointment. My endocrinologist wanted me to stick around the hospital for an hour and test my after breakfast level. It was low. It wasn’t as low as I would get in the middle of the night, but very low for an after meal level.
She called the on call OB in Obstetrical Triage and had me admitted immediately. They monitored baby (who is still doing wonderfully) and had me spend a few nights in the hospital to monitor my sugar levels, me and the baby.
The plan was to get me in first thing Friday for a Fetal Assessment and an Amniocentesis. If the baby’s lungs came back mature, they were prepared to deliver the baby today. If not, they wanted to keep monitoring my sugar levels and so long as they are stable they want to keep the baby inside me for as long as they can. Which I completely understand.
I have to admit that I was completely terrified of having an Amnio done. I have heard people say that it hurts and I am not a fan of needles on a good day. The procedure itself was okay. It didn’t really hurt at all but my nerves had me holding Craig’s hand for dear life. When it was all over, I was able to relax and admit that it was not so bad.
Since my Baby Doctor was on call that day, she came to see me and we talked about the plan and how, we really didn’t have one. That ideally, the baby staying inside for at least two more weeks would be great but that I do have a history of early deliveries (I am 34 weeks 3 days now and Davilyn arrived at 34 + weeks).
The Amnio results came back and confirmed what we all knew would be likely. The baby’s lungs are not mature and so the short term plan was to keep in the hospital at least one more night (or the weekend) and then follow up with both my Endocrinologist and OB on Tuesday. I also have another fetal assessment on Friday. If I stay pregnant long enough, then there is a possibility that another Amnio will be done around 36 weeks. Again, if mature, there is a possibility of delivering at that time.
I asked my OB and Endocrinologist to let me go home today, if my Friday night blood sugars remained stable. So, it is good to be home.
This has been such a roller coaster third trimester and I can only hope that any stress I am feeling because of it will assist Diva 3’s lung maturity.
Craig’s parents arrived just in time on Thursday and have been a good help to us so far. The girls are home now from daycare and it’s great to have the reassurance that the girls are taken care of when we can’t be here but it is still good to be home.
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Rachel M. March 14, 2010 at 12:22 pm

Wow this has been a roller coaster ride. I hope the next two weeks fly by!

Jen March 14, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Hang in there Rumour! You are doing great and it won't be long now. I had an amnio done at 36.6 weeks and delivered at 37.0. All this stress actually helps to speed up baby's lung development.

Rumour Miller March 14, 2010 at 11:10 pm

I can only hope that the stress this has been causing is doing it's job with Diva 3's lungs.

I can't believe how crazy this trimester has been.

sky girl March 15, 2010 at 7:17 am

Sounds like the best excuse ever to sit on the couch eating bonbons while everyone waits on you.

Hang in there!

Piccinigirl March 15, 2010 at 9:27 am

wow, are you trying to raise my blood pressure?? LOL

oh sweet girl, hang in there, I will sending MATURING thoughts to DIVA's lungs and while I won't wish you MORE stress, I will hope that what you are feeling is doing it's job on her lungs.

hang in there my friend

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