Month 22 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on April 1, 2010

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Dear Davilyn ~

22 Months and finally a big sister! Up until this moment, you were still so very much my baby. I was still changing your baby bum and getting wet slobbery baby kisses from you.
Then, in an instant, you were no longer my itty bitty baby. I have been spending the last week changing Quinn’s diapers and feeding her and she is so tiny. I changed you for the first time since Quinn was born and I was amazed at how big you were. How heavy you are. How much you are growing. Until I had something smaller to compare you to, I had refused to believe that you were getting so big. But you are. Soon we will be celebrating your second birthday.
You are very much a little Diva. You absolutely love to play “dress up” and you love wearing dresses and heals. You should know that you walk remarkably well in them! You are mischievous and funny and you know what you want when you want it… and when you don’t. You are a little girl who likes her own space and will vehemently protest when someone gets too close.
So far, Quinn’s arrival has not affected you much. You run over to her play pen and peek inside and say “Baby”. You know her name is Quinn and will tell us when we ask you. Other than that, you have carried on and are staying busy. Your vocabulary is growing more every day and having conversations with you is so much fun.
Mama is looking forward to spending the warm summer months with her three precious Divas… I can just imagine all the memories that will be made, the dirt on our knees and the ice cream cones!
Mama loves you, Boo. Love Mama
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