Month 50 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on May 6, 2010

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Dear Piper ~

This past month you started playing soccer again and, of course, you love it. You love seeing your friends and you love to play soccer. You are actually quite good at it. We registered you for the U4 age group and after the first night it was decided that you (along with another U4 boy) should be moved up to U6. I was pretty damn proud of you! After your Daddy and I talked about it, we decided that we would only move you up if you could play on the same team as your friend Allison. After all, at this age, it is primarily about the socializing. Your first night with the U6 team went really well! You stayed at the front of the pack and are being challenged to go after the ball. Again, I am beaming with pride.

You and I have been having some differences lately and even though I know this is normal development for you, it makes me sad. I feel like we are arguing over something you should or shouldn’t be doing more often then we aren’t arguing. I hope this ends soon. Mama has a special treat planned for just you and I this Mother’s Day weekend and I am really looking forward to it. Just you and I are going to spend the night in a hotel. Swimming, eating candy and staying up late. Just you and I. I think we both need that special time. Since Quinn arrived, I find that I am expecting so much of you and often have you doing things for yourself. Things that you are more than capable of but also things that I used to always help you with. I know that this is good for you since you are becoming more independent and grown up, but you were my first baby… and I miss that.

We are nearing another summer and hoping for some warm weather. I know that we will make many wonderful memories together and I look forward to each new day.
Mama loves you, Sweet Pea.
Love Mama.
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DaisyGal May 25, 2010 at 12:32 pm

ohhh, that picture, she's getting so big. Look at that face, do you tear up like I do every time you see her?

Love the letter…give us a glimpse into her life and yours. THANK YOU

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