I’m not gonna lie

by Rumour Miller on May 30, 2010

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Raising 3 Divas is hard work.

More often than not, I feel chaos spinning out of control. I have no time for myself, or for Craig. We have no time for us and it is exhausting. There is a lot of screaming happening in my house now. My girls are loud and I try to be louder. Piper and Davilyn fight. Oh do they fight. Bicker. Tease. Get on each other’s nerves. Get on my nerves.
But somehow, through it all, I manage to dig through. Dig up. I am constantly reminding myself that these are in fact the precious moments. These are the moments that I am going to miss when they are grown up. When they are too busy with their friends to be fighting with each other. When it is just Craig and I on the couch and the house sits quiet.
But you know what… it’s hard. Perhaps I was a bit too cocky when I just had 2 Divas. That was easy and I took pride in the fact that I found it relatively easy. That I went from one child to two with relative ease. Then I had three. Three is a whole new ball game. But we are doing it. We are managing it and trying to find our groove. We are catching onto this Zone Defence thing. The man to man was easier but we are getting much better.
And I am getting out with the girls. Because I have to. If I didn’t I would lose myself in the chaos at home. My kids are social and love getting out. We are all at our best when we have done something away from home. Even if it is a quick trip to the grocery store or hanging together outside.
So, I am doing it and as busy as it is I am really loving it. But I am not gonna lie, bed time is still the best time of the day.
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Rachel M. May 31, 2010 at 1:28 am

Even with one i agree bedtime is the best time of the day!!! Breathe easy girl, you will get to the same level of comfort with 3.

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