Month 25 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on July 1, 2010

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Dear Davilyn ~

We have been doing our best to keep busy this summer but the weather has been terrible. So much rain. We spent a week with Gramma & Papa in June and, I must say, that you are a good little traveller. It is a four hour drive and you do it without much complaint. If I’m lucky, you might even fall asleep!

You continue to be my sleeping rockstar, and really, you need it. Without much sleep or if you miss a nap, you are quickly running on empty. I love that you are a good sleeper and even though, I am not a slave to your nap, I do certainly plan most of our outings for morning.

We are gearing up to take a long road trip and family vacation this summer. We plan to take the camper and do some camping. I am a bit nervous because I fear we will have many late nights and early mornings but not so many naps. I am hopeful for the best and am very excited to be making these memories for our family.

One of our favourite things to do this summer has been going to the zoo! We love it there. It’s a great way to spend the better part of the day walking and looking at all the animals. Your favourite animals are the Monkeys and the Ring Tailed Lemurs. Especially when they are active and acting silly.
Other things that you are up to:
You love playing hide n seek with Piper. You even stand off, close your eyes and count, “one two three, here I come”. You can also count to 5 on your own, and to 10 with some assistance. You are a little parrot and copy cat. Every thing Piper does, Davilyn does. It’s cute to watch you imitate your older sister.
You seem to love the colour purple.
You love Quinn and giving her kisses and saying “Hi Quinn”.
You really keep me on my toes and are constantly getting into mischief! I cannot rest for a minute and you won’t rest for a minute. But that’s you and oh how we love you.
Mama loves you, Boo.
Love Mama
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