Month 26 – Letter to Davilyn

by Rumour Miller on August 1, 2010

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Dear Davilyn ~

What a wonderfully glorious girl you are. You are silly and cute and certain. You know what is on your mind, what you like and what you don’t like and you make sure that we know it too.
We just got back from a long but amazing family vacation. Two weeks just the five of us and our camper. It was great and I hope that you remember some of it in years to come.
While away, you started to get your two year molars. You started waking up through the night fussy and cranky. At first, we just thought that it was from being over tired and ready to get home. On our last night of vacation you snuggled up close to Mommy and I noticed that you felt like a little furnace. I gave you some Tylenol and poked my finger to the back of your mouth and sure enough. That little gum of yours was bulging.
You don’t do teething very well, so I hope that tooth pops through soon. Then we can all be back to our bubbly happy selves.
We have had a pretty glorious summer here so far and with one month left to go, I am hoping we get on many more adventures. Making memories together is my favourite thing. There are moments when I lose sight of just how wonderful our life is together.
Those moments gets lost in the crazy, busy days, the clutter of toys and the everyday messes of life. When Daddy and I are busy trying to keep the house clean and the fridge stocked but I walk into the room to see you and Piper playing nicely together. Or you and Piper reading books to Quinn and holding her hand. The three of you pull us back to those moments when we watch you laughing and we get smothered in your hugs and your kisses. Back to our wonderful life together and we leave the clutter and the toys right where they are and we enjoy you.
Mama loves you Boo.
Love Mama.
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