Potty Training

by Rumour Miller on August 20, 2010

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I am so looking forward to getting Davilyn out of diapers and into big girl underwear. I’m just not too keen on the process of potty training. She is already challenging it and has not been very keen on the idea either.

I need help. I’ve tried a few times to put her in big girl underwear and have her sit on the potty. She has proven to be a camel when it comes right down to it. She went an entire day with hardly a pee until it came time for bed and a diaper. That cannot be healthy. She has just not been interested in it.
I am. I am so done changing two poopy or wet bums all day long. I am not, however, feeling up to the challenge of potty training her. She has beat me, even before we started.
I am working on getting her interested in it. It’s out. We talk about it. We sing and clap about it. We do little dances. It’s all fun and she seems to enjoy that. Or maybe she just gets a kick out of her Mama looking the fool. Either way, it seems to be peaking her interest…. so my fingers are crossed that I can get this child potty trained. And soon.
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