Without You

by Rumour Miller on September 2, 2010

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Travelling without all my girls isn’t as fun as one would think. A few days without them is relaxing and sometimes a much needed break but this 6 sleeps. An entire week. Too long. I start to miss them terribly after a few days. I start wishing they were here with me or that I had stayed at home.

I am always reminding myself that time is so fleeting. It moves so fast. Even the days that seem so incredibly long and tiring. They go by in a flash. I am especially reminded of this when I am away from my girls for so long. When I see them after a week or so apart, they look taller. Their hair looks longer. They look older.
I am so emotional when it comes to my girls…. to Craig. Any time apart is time that I will not get back. Even though I know it is perfectly healthy and normal for us to spend some time apart. I like that the girls get to spend time with my parents and my sister without us around. I do believe this is a great way for them to bond. My girls absolutely love, admire, adore my parents and my sister. They don’t look back when they get in the car to go with them… until they start missing us, of course.
Which is right around the time that I start missing them.
*Photo by Marlene Fast – Marlene’s Designer Portraits
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Rachel M. September 4, 2010 at 11:52 pm

I love that first photo!

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