by Rumour Miller on September 5, 2010

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and it feels so good.

We are all home together now. Diva 1 and 2 missed us just as much as we missed them… well actually I think Diva 2 missed Diva 3 more than she missed us. When Davi saw Quinn, she could not keep her hands off of her. She was right in her face saying “Hi” and holding her hand and just appeared to be enjoying her.
My Mom mentioned that Davilyn wasn’t sleeping well at their place but her first night home, she settled in a slept through until morning. I guess she just wanted her own bed. Who can blame her. We’ve been pretty transient this summer, living out of suitcases, sleeping in beds not our own. We’ve had fun. Had adventures. Made memories… but now it is just time to settle into a new fall routine. After all, it is September and the temperature has already dropped here on the Prairies. So it’s inevitable that fall will arrive soon.
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