by Rumour Miller on September 16, 2010

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We have a stink load of nicknames here at The Rumour Mill headquarters. Every one in our house has some kind of nickname. Usually it is a name that just flies out of my mouth without much thought and hangs around for the long haul.

Piper has many. As my first born I was lucky to stay at home with her for 14 months. She was the only one here for me to talk to during the day and, as a result, has many nicknames.
Her very first nickname was Sweet Pea. She was due in April and the Sweet Pea is the flower for April. So throughout my pregnancy with her, she was my Sweet Pea…. or just Pea. Since her birth, her primary nickname is Magoo. Something that I have been calling her for years. I really have no idea where it came from but it stuck. She answers to it. I also call her Piperoni and when she first started talking she would call herself “Pokeroni”. She was one of the cutest toddlers, ever. That nickname kinda stuck and we would sometimes call her Pokeroni. She is also lovingly referred to as Thing 1 and Diva 1.s
Davilyn called her Pipi for quite some time… it didn’t stick, so much. Every now and again I hear Pipi come from Davi’s lips and sometimes mine.
Davilyn’s primary nickname is Davi. During my pregnancy with her, she was my Bugaboo. Or Bug. Or Boo. Now we call her Boo or Davidoodle. She, too, is one of the cutest toddlers, ever who is also lovingly referred to as Thing 2 and Diva 2.
Quinn has a few nicknames too. During my pregnancy with her, she was my Squirt. Now that she is here with us we call her Quinner, Quinnalyn, Quinnifer and we even call her *Chicken Dinner. Quinn is also lovingly referred to as Thing 3 and Diva 3.
I know that Chicken Dinner sounds down right odd, and it is. Totally. Do you all know that line “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” ? It’s from a movie, I think. I’m not really sure where it is from, but I know you’ve heard it. I, by accident and in the heat of a moment, was talking to Quinn and out popped, “Quinner, Quinner, chicken dinner” and it stuck. The Big Girls will say that to her all.the.time. What have I done?
The line got shortened to Chicken Dinner one day when we were all packing up to go somewhere. Craig and I were yelling out a roll call, who has what and who has who. The very last thing he said (before I burst a gut laughing) was, “I got Chicken Dinner!” He was referring to Quinn.
So nicknames are pretty big here at my house. My three gorgeous girls are collectively referred to as my 3 Divas.
Me? Well I am Mama, Mom, or Mommy. Life is grand.
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DaisyGal September 17, 2010 at 11:40 am

oh I loved that post, love the "CHICKEN DINNER" that's awesome 🙂

we have lots of nicknames too..
jacoby, Jakie, Jake..JacobSchmacob,
and I call both of them : Bug, Buglet, Fella, Baby Boy, DoodleSmoodle, etc.

Gio's are G, G-Man, Gio-to-the-Vanni…

life is grand…my friend, for sure.

Rumour Miller September 17, 2010 at 8:05 pm

The chicken dinner reference also speaks to the kind of humour kicking around here.

I love Gio-to-the-Vanni… so funny!

Heather L November 20, 2010 at 10:04 am

Without your explanation I though chicken dinner was because of her baby chubbiness! So cute, all of them. What would we do without nicknames, how boring,
As you have know us from the start of our family Gavin has always been called The Boy, more like a statement about him we still call him that, and then our Makenna came along and of course she is an even bolder statement…The Girl, other names you will have heard us call them, G man, Gaboo,
Ga-yin (when The Girl couldn’t pronouce V), Gavin-ator, Lang, Langchopper (from chopper) and Makenna, most commonly Mak, Maka-doodle-dandy (from Granddad), Makker, Kenna, Maky, Sass, Sass’n’frass, Frassy…seriously, nicknames are endless around here too.

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