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by Rumour Miller on October 8, 2010

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Very rarely are there edits in real life.  Very rarely do we get a “do over”.  If we don’t do things right the first time, that’s it.  We hope to learn from our mistakes and then move on.  In really serious cases of getting it wrong, we hope that a heartfelt apology will do the trick.

I’m the same way with my pictures.  I love taking pictures of my family, my life and our adventures.  Some would say that I take too many.  I disagree.  You can never take too many photos!  If you keep snapping you are guaranteed to come out with a few that you absolutely lurve… especially with kids.  They are always on the move.  At least mine are.

Anyway, like I was saying.  I rarely edit my photos but to crop them or maybe change them to black and white.  That’s really all I do.  I am not a big fan of pictures that have been changed too much.  I decided to play around just a little bit with two photos.  Diva 2 and Diva 3 both have blue eyes and it was kinda neat to be able to do this.  I tend to keep the original photo too.  Mostly because I am a big fan of photos in their natural state (or close to it).

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Lisa October 9, 2010 at 8:07 am

I agree. Love these!

Rumour Miller October 10, 2010 at 1:29 pm


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