Exhausted, Busy and Proud

by Rumour Miller on October 21, 2010

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Those are the three best words to describe myself these past few weeks.

Our new routine this fall/winter is leaving me totally exhausted.  In bed right after the kids, if I am lucky.  If Quinn cooperates.  I am mentally and physically exhausted.

Our new routine this fall/winter has us busy.  We have never been this busy.  4 days out of 7 has us running off to the arena or the swimming pool (not to mention all the extras that go along with having kids involved in activities).  Fundraising, practises, volunteering our time.  It’s busy!  I am also volunteering my time for the preschool that Piper is attending and that Davilyn will be attending next fall.

Have I mentioned that we are busy?

Our new activities this fall/winter makes me proud.  Davilyn is in swimming lessons and is doing such a good job of listening to her instructor and her Daddy.  We are still working on potty training but she is improving each day.  She makes herself beam with pride and I am one proud mama.

Piper has taken to skating and hockey like a fish to water…. or a Canadian to a sheet of ice (haha).  She started the season not being able to skate.  Not being able to get up.  She is already much improved!  Last night she was ripping up the ice.  Other parents were exclaiming, “Piper is doing awesome!”  And she is.  Her determination is paying off.  She comes off the ice on a cloud of pride and I am proud mama.

Quinn is changing so much too.  She can sit by herself for a short amount of time before she keels over.  She is eating three meals a day and I have yet to introduce a food to her that she does not like.  I still put her in the Ergo carrier just to have her close to me and because I know she likes to be close to me.  We settle in like that and just enjoy the warmth from each other.  I think the first year of life flies by the quickest for me.  I’ll never understand those that say the time seemed to drag.  The ones who felt that the first few weeks or months went by slowly.  Even in the sleepless induced haze and fog, it flew by.

Exhausted, busy and proud…. can’t complain about those.

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DaisyGal October 22, 2010 at 11:35 am

sounds like the DIVAs are doing so well…I know that exhaustion and we don't even have "Activities" yet, but that is what makes you so awesome.

Have a great weekend with your beautiful girls!!!!

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