Off to College

by Rumour Miller on November 10, 2010

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like Andy in Toy Story 3.  Let me just start this by saying that, if you watched Toy Story 3 and did NOT cry at the end… well, you have a heart of stone and we cannot be friends.

The other evening I was downstairs with Piper and Davilyn watching Toy Story 3 (the first time we saw it was at the movie theatre with my sister) and at the end, you know when Andy leaves for college, I got teary eyed.  Because that is what I do.  I cry at movies, during songs and at commercials.  Toy Story 3 was no exception.  The following conversation between Piper and I took place (and Davilyn chimed in repeating everything Piper had said).

Me: (to Piper) “Can you believe that you are going to grow up and go away to college?”

Piper: “Yes, when I get bigger.  Will you miss me?”

Me: “Yes I’ll miss you, but don’t go too far away.”

Piper: “It’s okay, when I’m done at college I will come back here to you.”

Me:  “Well Piper, by the time you are done at college you will be ready to move on, get married and have babies of your own.  But we will come and visit you like Grammy and Grampy come and visit us.  I just hope you will live much closer so that I can come and visit you every day if I want to.”

Piper: (clearly thinking about her response) “Well, you might have to fly.”

Me: “No Piper, that is too far and you are not allowed to move that far away from me.  I’m your mother and I said so.”

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Kir November 11, 2010 at 2:10 pm

ahhhh, even at that tender age, they think about going far enough away.

No Piper, you’ll need to stay close to the mommy that loves you. Now I have to go and talk to Gio and Jacob. 🙂

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