Cradle Rock and a Winner

by Rumour Miller on December 3, 2010

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I received all three of the Cradle Rock CDs and we listened to all three here at The Rumour Mill Headquarters. As I mentioned, I just could not get into the groove of the the Michael Jackson CD and I really like Michael! My favourite of the three was Johnny Cash! So that one, I’ll likely play again. Piper has claimed the Michael Jackson one and she listens to it in her room.

You can find out more about these CDs and many others or follow them online at their Facebook page or on Twitter!

My Assistant has also picked me a big ole winner!

MANDY B., you are the lucky winner of one Cradle Rock CD.  Please email me with your shipping address and let me know which one you would like (Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash or Kenny Chesney).

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