She shoots she scores!

by Rumour Miller on December 18, 2010

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Watching Piper play hockey is so much fun.  I knew that the commitment to hockey would be a big one.  Financially and time wise.  If the other two Divas follow in her footsteps, we will be living at arenas all winter long.

I will confess this… I love it.

I was a screaming fool today when she was in front of the net with the puck on her stick! Every time.  It was so much fun.  Even Davilyn was yelling at the glass saying, “Go Piper Go!”  Quinn fell asleep in the carrier (although I have no idea how with all my antics).  I even jumped up and down when the puck went off of her stick and into the net.

She shoots she scores!  That’s my girl

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