by Rumour Miller on December 22, 2010

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We’ve been busy here at The Rumour Mill Headquarters.  We are celebrating two Christmases here and we had our first one yesterday with my sister and parents.  We opened our gifts to each other and their gifts to the girls.  We all got some great stuff and I was especially excited to see my Mom open her gift.  We all pooled our resources this year and bought her a lap top.  Not only was she surprised but I think pretty excited. Like a ten year old might be.

We played Cranium in the afternoon and had a few good laughs.  Piper was such a good sport and even though we helped her out a bit, she did a pretty good job all on her own. I am looking forward to being able to have Family Game Nights.  Piper is getting really close to being able to play on her own, so this is going to start happening soon.

After Craig got home from work, we started putting the presents under the tree.  The girls had no idea what was going on or that they would be opening presents.  They were just so excited to be putting packages under the tree.  Usually our tree doesn’t see a single gift under it until the night of the 24th and the girls don’t see it until the morning of the 25th.

I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas officially in a few days with just my little family.  It will be a strange experience for us since this is the first year that we have spent without either my parents or with Craig’s parents on the 25th.  I feel a little bit sad about it, but mostly I am excited to create a few new traditions and memories as just The Rumour Mill 5.

We had a skate night with Piper’s skating club on Monday.  So for the last 1/2 hour, Craig and I laced up our skates and went out on the ice.  Santa took time out of his busy schedule to join us and we got a few photo ops.  Piper was tickled pink!

We have seen Santa quite a bit this holiday season and Piper is so amazed how busy he is! “He is so fast, Mom because he is everywhere!”  I love how they believe without question at this age.  Even when each Santa looks slightly different.  Truth be told, I don’t ever remember seeing the differences when I was young.  I think that when you believe in the Magic, you don’t see the differences.

We are getting ready to see Mr. C tonight at Piper’s hockey practise.  The kids have no idea so he’ll surprise them when he laces up his skates for a few laps on the ice.

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