A Break

by Rumour Miller on December 29, 2010

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I haven’t been blogging much over Christmas because I have just really been enjoying the holiday with the girls and with Craig.  We have been keeping busy and that doesn’t leave me with much energy or time to sit down and write.  I start to miss it after a while, but this year has been different.  Aside from a few posts, I really could have gone the entire week without blogging.  I wanted to get those posts up because I didn’t want to forget about them.

I am considering a “Blog Dare” for January 2011 with other Bloggy Moms.  Each day has a topic that has been laid out for us and our job is to blog about it.  It sounds interesting and I am interested but I also have other things that I want to blog about.

I am trying to get some more reviews and giveaways going and I am thinking about our summer holidays.

We didn’t get near the amount of Christmas cards this year that we have in the past.  From talking with other friends, I am not the only one.  I can’t blame you if you didn’t send out Christmas Cards.  The postage alone is atrocious at $.60 per letter within Canada then add to that the cost of your photos/cards and envelopes.  It’s an expensive venture to say the least.  Now with the various social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter and Blogs… it’s not surprising that the good old fashion form of sending cards is falling to the wayside.  I can’t let it go.  Believe it or not, I keep in touch with people who don’t use Facebook, Twitter or Blogs.  Crazy, eh.

I’m starting to put my mind to my 2010 Review post.  I always have a hard time starting this one and I don’t know why.  Once I get the first paragraph done, the post itself always fall into place.

Craig is back to work today.  I’m considering taking down our Christmas Tree (even though I really enjoy having it up for New Years Eve).  I love Christmas and we start early but I’m always pretty happy to see the decorations come down and get on with the New Year.

I always begin a new year with excitement and anticipation for what it will bring.  For all the wonderful things that we will be a part of.  I look forward to the wonderful new adventures that we will go on.  The new discoveries that we will make.

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