Month 58 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on January 6, 2011

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Dearest Piper ~

We are gearing up for back to preschool next week and I think we are all looking forward to it. You especially. You start to miss your friends and your socializing. Sometimes I find it hard to believe how fast you are growing up and how quickly another year has passed.

We had another wonderful Christmas. Watching you this year was so awesome! You were so very excited and we all got caught up in it. We spent the better part of Christmas morning in the living room playing with all of your new treasures. We spent the entire day lounging around with each other and ended it with a Miller Just Dance 2 dance off. It was so fun watching you, Davilyn and Daddy dance.

You continue to love hockey and you are so excited whenever you have a game.  You have a great attitude and I hope that never changes.

You are really loving the time that you get to spend on the rink in our back yard.  We are so thankful that Daddy did all that work to make it for us.  You couldn’t wait to get the hockey net out there so you could practice.

Keep working hard!  All your efforts will be worth it.

Mama loves you, Magoo.

Love Mama

You always make us proud.

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