The One Where I Thank You

by Rumour Miller on January 16, 2011

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For the kind feedback and all the support on this post.  It means so much and it gave me a little tear in the eye to know that you are all rooting for me.  So, as the title of this post suggests, thank you and you and you!

I started the 6 week program a wee bit late and the first week is done.  You know what, the workouts are only 20 minutes!  That’s a coffee break.  That’s less than a load of laundry takes to wash.  I can accomplish that during nap time and then some.

Tami, from The Tyson Method (or her husband Charles) tape the workouts as we go! There are two things that I am loving about these workouts so far (okay, maybe 3 things), the first is that they are only 20 minutes!  I can do that.  The second thing is, she personalizes the workouts and I smiled as I heard her give some of the Fat Shredder Challengers a shout out.  “You can do this (insert name here)!”  It gave me some energy to give just a little bit more.  The third thing is, Tami is for real!  As she was taping Friday’s workout she told someone (off camera) to please give her baby her soother…. and then when Baby could not stand to be away from her Mom any longer, Tami scooped her up and finished the workout with Baby in her arms.

So, I’m hanging in there and I am going to do this and I will show you why…

I want to play hard with these girls as they get older! I want to be able to keep up with Piper on the hockey rink (because, I’ll be honest, right now I’m not). I’ve also decided that the double chin look just isn’t for me. So it has got to go!

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Julie January 16, 2011 at 9:05 am

How neat that its so personalized! Sounds like you found a good program!

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