Vomitfest 2011

by Rumour Miller on January 18, 2011

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Is happening (in a big way) at The Rumour Mill Headquarters.  As much as you might think that this is like a festival of sorts, it’s not.  Really.  It’s exactly as the name might suggest.

Last week, Tuesday, Quinner started it all.  She did not have a fever and was in fine spirits throughout the day, she was just puking (and puking a lot).  As my husband’s facebook status said that night, “Q just set the new record for projectile vomit”.  It hasn’t been pretty, folks.

She came around on Wednesday (or so we thought.  More on that later) and we carried onto Thursday and I naively (or stupidly) believed that was the end.  Not a freaking chance.  Turns out, I joined Vomitfest 2011 that night and spent Friday in bed.  Friday evening, just as my parents arrived for the weekend, I started to feel human again.  I was able to eat a wee bit but then promptly returned to bed and slept the night through.

Saturday morning found me feeling fine.  Davilyn, however, decided to jump on the Vomit Comit and then Piper promptly joined her that night.  I tried to see the bright side in all of this, and think we were getting it over with quickly.  I really believed that Sunday would see an improvement in our general health, but I was wrong.  Davilyn was still getting sick.

Since I had to go to the office on Monday and Craig was scheduled to fly to Montreal, I asked my parents if they would mind hanging around to watch the girls.  Very thankful that they agreed, we carried on with our evening.  Imagine my (not so) surprise when my Mom retreated to bed early because she wasn’t feeling well.  The next morning, she said she felt “okay” and hadn’t been throwing up.  I think we all sighed with relief.  Then, just as I was buttoning my coat to leave for work, she promptly ran to bathroom and got sick.

The girls seemed to be doing fine, although Quinn was fussy, so after work we packed up the van and drove to my parent’s house.  The ride was going well and when we were almost half way there, Quinn decided to have another go and proceeded to vomit everywhere.  It was nasty.  My Mom cleaned up her seat as best she could and I took Quinn into a gas station to change her.  I almost cried when I realized that I forgotten her change of clothing in the van.  It was -20 Celsius out…. I could not take her out to the van like that.  In just a diaper.  So, I asked a young girl at the counter if she would mind knocking on the window of the van, tell them I sent her and asking for the sleeper.

Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers…. because she did and Quinn got dressed and we finished the trip to my parent’s listening to Davilyn cry for her Daddy and her own bed.

It’s been awesome (insert sarcasm here).  But, I do not recommend it.  Now pass me that bottle of wine.

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