Thick Skin

by Rumour Miller on January 26, 2011

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Sometimes I have thick skin… and the things you say to me or about me don’t matter. How you treat me goes unnoticed.  I don’t let them bother me.  They roll off my back like water on a duck’s feathers.  I move on.

But, you know what, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes what you say to me or about me does matter.  Sometimes the way you treat me cuts me to my core.  Sometimes it does bother me and it doesn’t roll of my back like water on a duck’s feathers.  I can’t move on.

I am officially calling this one of the worst days ever.

What started off as a low key day for me and my 3 Divas, spiralled downhill faster than I could have imagined… and it didn’t really get better.  Yes, I am fortunate that everyone in my family is okay and happy and healthy.  I took an emotional beating today and now I just want to sit here and cry all those emotions out.

I don’t get into detail on my blog about my profession.  For many reasons but mostly because I am bound by a Code of Ethics that bars me from discussing too much about my clients and the things that I do.  Suffice it to say, that being a Family Lawyer is not without it’s difficulties both professionally and emotionally.  People tell me things that they would normally reserve for their counsellor or their their Priest/Pastor/Minister.  I hear about things that I would rather not.  I know things about people that are good, bad and ugly.  I do my best to leave it all at the office.  But.  I am only human.

I have been in threatening situations because of my profession.  I have literally felt scared for my well being.  Among all the amazing or quirky clients that I get to help in my job, there are usually a few bad seeds.  Those few bad seeds make me question myself.  Why do I do this for a living. I was involved in a threatening situation this morning.  It was very similar to a bullying type situation but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t rattle me to the core and break that Thick Skin of mine.

I deal with some very sensitive issues in my profession (marriages falling apart) and very important issues (there are children involved), so I can understand when things become emotional or charged or heated.  I cannot understand when one chooses to use intimidation as a tactic.

It’s not acceptable.

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DodiM January 26, 2011 at 11:23 pm

Before I was married, I lived in a condo. The guy upstairs was a lawyer. One night someone torched his car in the parking lot – it was scary, we were all lucky it didn’t explode. I worry for you when you say you’ve been threatened, and urge you to make sure your home security is top notch.
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