Monkey See, Monkey do!

by Rumour Miller on February 26, 2011

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And Monkey Hear, Monkey Say… at least here.  Even when you think that they are not listening or are out of ear shot, those munchkins pick it up.  This evening I was counting money for a preschool fundraiser while Davilyn was sitting in the living room watching TV and playing.

I was on my second round of counting (you know, to make sure I got it right) and when I didn’t I said, “What the hell!”

And then I heard the cutest little voice from the living room say,

“What the hell.”

To which I immediately said, “Do not ever say that again.”

I went back to counting and then heard,

“What the hell.”

I then started to explain to Davilyn that she is not allowed to ever say that again and she replied,

“I’m Mommy, I can say it.”

Ya.  I don’t think so.  I’ll need help when she is 12, I can see this coming.

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