Hockey Season

by Rumour Miller on March 9, 2011

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Is almost over here.

A few more weeks and we will be done.  It’s been a fun winter and running off to hockey has kept us busy and on the go.  It is so easy to just hide out at home when winter hits here in Canada.  It’s been a rather long and cold winter, so it was great to have something and somewhere to go.  Having said that, we are also looking forward to a break from the hectic schedule.  I am also going to miss it a little bit.  Seeing all the hockey parents and hanging out at the rink.

As soon as the fields are dry, I will have two big girls playing soccer.  This is Davilyn’s first year hitting the soccer pitch and she is very excited.  This will be Piper’s 3rd year.  I have volunteered to help out with either team and if I had to guess, I think it will be Davi’s. I am going to be at the field two nights a week anyway, I may as well be helping out.

I am so happy that Davi is old enough to play soccer.  I feel like she got the short end of the stick this winter having to follow Piper to the rink so much.  She was such a good sport about it but I know she wants to get involved too.  So I am happy that she will get her chance this spring.  If she is anything like Piper, she will take to the soccer pitch like a natural and she’ll love it.

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Kir March 9, 2011 at 1:04 pm

Oh I am going to be so happy when HOCKEY season is over, (and I swear to GAWD if the Rangers don’t make the playoffs again this year, I’m slamming my hand in a door, because that will hurt less..LOL) I “lose” John for 3 nights a week from Oct TO May. bwahhhhh!

but I can’t wait to hear all about Piper and Davi and the soccer games. I know they will both be amazing, they are YOUR girls!!!! 🙂
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