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by Rumour Miller on March 15, 2011

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My house really is a mess and dishes are not done… unless, of course, the Nanny was here today.  Then my house is tidy and the clean dishes in the dishwasher have been put away.

I just sit here wondering how the heck was she able to get the girls to pick up all of their toys?  What magic words did she use and why can’t I do that!

Working, sharing the chores of running a household and trying to find time for fostering the relationships in my life… is exhausting.  I could pretend that I have it all together, all.the.time.  But to be honest, I do not have the energy for such false pretenses.

I am slightly taken aback when people I know (and even one’s that I don’t) say to me, “I do not know how you do it.”  I always wonder, “Do what, exactly?”  I’m not doing it anymore or any less than the Wife/Mother down the street.  I’m just doing it differently.  (I also always wonder is this supposed to be a compliment?  Do they think I’m crazy?)

Chances are, at any given time, when someone is looking at me thinking I have it all together.  What they don’t know is that when I get home tonight my house will look like a mini tornado (or 3 😉 ) went through it because I had no energy at the end of the night to clean it up. 

I have at least 4 laundry baskets that are overflowing with dirty clothing, at this exact moment.  I have clean towels sitting on my dryer waiting to be put away or used, whichever comes first.

I can’t remember the last time I vacuumed the stairs.  Enough said.

My house is full of clutter.  Everywhere.  I swear that it mates and multiplies.  I haven’t the first clue on how to tackle said clutter.  I think I need professional help.  If I could afford to hire someone to come into my home and completely organize it, I would. 

I almost never make my bed.  Or the girls beds.  It is not a priority during my morning routine (if I’m off to work or not).  I might tidy up the covers but the only time the beds are completely made are when I change the bedding.

We don’t always have home cooked meals.  Sometimes, we even have cereal for supper.  I rarely serve hot dogs because my kids do not really like them, but if they did, I would.  Believe it or not, my kids love to have roast, steak and pork chops.  So much for easy go to meals in my house.

I’m not always uber patient with my kids.  I wish I were.  I wish I had a cup of ever flowing patience for them.  I don’t.  I get frustrated when I have to tell them 5 times (or more) to brush their teeth, pick up their toys, leave the baby alone, stop fighting, no yelling, play nicely, stop running in the house, don’t talk back, don’t whine, no you can’t have that treat so stop asking, please leave me alone while I am on the phone…. you get the idea.  Right.

My point of all this is that we are all human.  Some days are better than others and some days just suck  err, use up all of our energy.  So the next time you see a Mom who looks like she has it all together all the time… be nice to her, she might be me.

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Pauline March 15, 2011 at 4:26 pm

It is nice to see this post. I guess it is because when you post things there are times when your frustration/messiness/lack of energy doesn’t come through very clearly. It makes me feel better that I look at my living room floor and I see Justin’s underware Kyrna dragged from the dirty clothes pile, a sword, a cup, a penny, a measuring tape, books, rice crispies, a dirty bowl, a busted cardboard box. I slept most of the day on an off between making sure my children didn’t kill themselves. Justin, Kohen are my helpers and the odd time when my mother comes. It is all up to us and sometimes I want a maid, a chef, a nanny, a driver so I can sleep. I have been told it gets better. ( Like when the kids move out!)

Holly March 16, 2011 at 10:51 am

LOVE this post! I am new here, so this comment is based on the first 2 posts…

I love the honesty, down and dirty, directness of the post. I also tend to err on the side of sharing mostly positive moments/posts (as the comments make it sound like you do too). I think this is extremely helpful in keeping an overall positive attitude, thus making life much happier. If all we did was talk about the negative, life would just be sad all the time! So, my theory is keep it real, but generally try to give it a twist of positivity. I think I am just rambling now… 🙂 I’m going to go check out the rest of your blog now!
Holly recently posted..avid MOM is here!

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