Language (not so) Barrier

by Rumour Miller on March 25, 2011

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I swear.  A lot.  Without even realizing it.  I swear when I am happy, excited, sad or mad.  They are just words… at least at one time they were.  So, I made a decision to do my best not to swear around the girls.  And mostly, I don’t.  I know a word has slipped out a time or two but I try to really think about what I am going to say.  It’s hard.  So, I changed my vocabulary a little bit.  I say things like freaking or shush your mouth.  I say crud or poop or instead of saying “stop pissing around” I say “stop fiddle sticking”.  But, you know, it doesn’t sound much better coming from my (almost) 3 year or 5 year old.  It still sounds like swearing.  Maybe because I know the real meaning behind those words.

Your choice of words.  Even when those words may not seem like much to you. Once you have kids, they take on a whole new meaning and an entirely different perspective.

It’s amazing what kids pick up in terms of speech and vocabulary.  It is shocking!  And sometimes, it’s just really cute.

Davilyn is forever calling her sisters “Honey”.  We never say that so I am always curious as to where she heard it.  I hear this a lot:

“Oh Honey, no no no.”

“Oh Honey, come here.  Honey?”

They repeat everything those little ears hear.  One of my favourites was when I heard Piper say this to her Papa (when she was about 2):

Papa: “Piper, don’t do that.”

Piper: “Papa, don’t speak to me that way.”


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