Friday and April Fool’s

by Rumour Miller on April 1, 2011

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I am not a celebrator of April Fool’s day.  Maybe at one time, I was.  Mostly, I forget about it until I hear about the pranks happening on April 1st.  Aren’t the pranks supposed to end by noon, anyway?

Piper has gone out with a friend for the day.  A nice surprise for her this morning when she woke up.  It’s a little friend that she used to go to daycare with and she misses her, so it is nice they get to see one another.

I am home today with Davilyn and Quinn.  Tackling another mountain of laundry, watching Tangled and enjoying the silence of only one talker (although Quinn has become a screamer lately, she will soon be napping).

Craig declared that we are using this weekend to start decluttering… I’m pretty sure I have heard those words before but I remain hopeful that we might actually get something done in that regard.  Most of my baby furniture is gone 🙁 aside from the crib and change table that Quinn is still using, the rest has been sold.  I thought that I would grieve that more than I have.  It’s been a good transition for us and I am feeling much more confident in our decision to be done at 3.  I am looking forward to really being able to enjoy our time as a family.  Piper is pretty independent when swimming and when we travel.  She is more a help to us now and these next few years are going to be real memory makers.

The thought of vacationing with my family excites me and we are hoping to go the Wisconsin Dells this summer.  I’ve driven through but have never stopped to play.  Craig turns 40 this fall (heaven help me, I am struggling with this) and our trip to Vegas in celebration has been booked.  My parents will stay with the Divas (thanks!).

Quinn is starting to toddle all over the place.  Still only taking a few cautious steps at a time but she is getting braver.  Soon crawling will be a thing of the past and I will have three girls running around the house.  Thank goodness the weather is warming up… I can send them outside.

We are winding up Piper’s hockey season with a team party tomorrow evening.  I made a DVD slide show to play during the pizza party and each child is walking home with their own copy.  Piper was mesmerized by it when I let her watch it yesterday.  My kids love to see themselves in photos and videos, so I hope the kids like it.

Soccer starts at the end of April if the fields are dry.  That is two nights a week for us and I am coaching Piper’s team.  I need to look for a helper since Craig has some travel booked for work and there is no way I could swing coaching, watching Davilyn play and chasing Quinn.  I am a super mom, but even I know my limits 😉

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TT April 1, 2011 at 11:51 am

Funny how your life on the west coast mirrors mineon the east coast. We just have macs hockey party, and soon will be starting soccer here as well. I finally just sold my playpen, pretty welll the last of the baby items in my house. Bittersweet for sure. But Its fun watching them become little woman that you can take on trips, shop with, watch a movie, bake, etc. They are growing so fast though :0(

Craig April 1, 2011 at 12:04 pm

It’s hard to believe it’s April…soon will be Davi’s birthday! We must unclutter!

Have a good day and hope to see you early <3.

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