Month 14 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on May 23, 2011

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Dearest Quinn ~

I love your giggle and your smile.
I love you bitty baby toes and your cute button nose.
I love your little waddle and all of your dancing moves.
I love your slobbery kisses and your awesome high fives.
I love that crazy mohawk on the top of your head that I have zero control over.

I love you.

I love the way you go after what you think is yours or what you think you must have.
Like Davilyn’s sippy cup of white milk mixed with chocolate milk.
I love the way you take my clothing out of the laundry basket and drape them over your head,
I love that when I go into your room in the morning you are talking and holding your Raffi.

I love you.

I love your hugs.
I love the way you play in the bath.
Always trying to swim or dip your mouth in the water for a drink.
I love that you play with your sisters.
Yet, you still come looking for me.
I love that you are you and that is all that you will ever need to be.
You are enough.

I love you.

I love you.

Mama loves you, Chickadee.

Love, Mama.

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