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by Rumour Miller on June 3, 2011

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That are going through my mind these days.

How is that you can love your children more than your own life and be so very frustrated with them at the same time?  Raising kids is hard.  I know I don’t have to tell you that, you are deep in the throes of it with me (at least most of you are).  I worry that I am doing things wrong in my attempt to raise well-mannered, happy, adjusted girls.

Annie is a sweet heart and she is sure growing on all of us.  Quinn has accepted her and no longer pretends that she doesn’t care for her.  She still finds her annoying at times but more often than not, Quinn is trying to pat her or poke her (in a gentle way, no worries there).  Piper is great for caring for her.  Taking her outside, feeding her, playing with her.  The mornings are a bit chaotic because Annie is just so excited to see us all and the girls are just as excited to see her. Plus, I am really smitten with her.  She is a ball of fur and loves to cuddle.  She seems to be claiming me as her primary master and that’s okay.  I know that at some point, Piper will be her go to girl as well.

I am still worried/thinking/concerned about my upcoming biopsy.  I really try not to think about it because the reality is that I have no control over when it will happen.  I see my Doctor in August for a pre-operation appointment and then the end of September is when it should be done.  Even if my body settles down over the summer (on this new pill) I am still going forward with this.  I need for the peace of mind.  The stress of this has been taking its toll on me and on Craig.  I’d rather not talk about it because that will just make me cry and make that much more real.  But, the fact that it is bubbling just below the surface has been a bit hard on our relationship.  This is just a season and this too shall pass.

I am getting busier and busier at work as the days go by.  It makes the days seem shorter.  The girls are doing wonderfully at home with the Nanny.  They are well bonded with her and it has been a great change.  She will notice a difference in her days starting in September when Piper is kindergarten every morning. Davilyn will be in preschool two days a week and Quinn will be talking.

We are having the worst (or what seems to be the worst) spring ever!  We started preparing our deck for staining before the May long weekend and haven’t been able to finish.  All it has done is rain, rain, rain.  Days upon days of rain.  This hasn’t helped my mood in the slightest.  It is sunny today FINALLY and there is no rain on the menu for this weekend (as of right now) so I plan to get a tan!

Quinn is getting more teeth and has been fussy.  The poop references have popped up in our house.  Why do kids find this funny?  Poopy is put before everything… for example:  Poopy brain, poopy glasses…. ugh.  Really, not funny girls.

So those are my thoughts for now.  Random, I know.  We are having Davilyn’s 3rd birthday party tomorrow and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

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