Month 63 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on June 6, 2011

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Dear Piper ~

We are now officially entering the summer months.  The last few months of freedom before you are travelling back and forth to school every day.  I remember our first summer together and how much travelling and visiting we did that year.  We went often to Gramma and Papa’s and we even had a chance to fly East to Nova Scotia.  It was so much fun.

We have not had the chance to do this as much in the last few years but we were flying by the seat of our pants whenever we could.  As you get older and are attending school and involved in activities, it gets more difficult to do this.  So I am so glad that we had those summers while I was home on leave with my new babies.

We have had some fun, haven’t we.

You have really stepped up and jumped into taking care of Annie.  You were so excited to get her.  You take her out in the morning and whenever we ask you to.  You feed her and love to give her treats when she goes into her kennel.  It’s fun to watch you all play together and sometimes, well, it is chaotic!  I know that you will love having a dog. Their loyalty and companionship is like no other and I look forward to watching the bond between you grow.

I am looking forward to another summer of fun with you and our July family vacation.  We won’t be seeing mountains this year but I know we will have just as much fun and make just as many awesome memories.

Mama loves you, Magoo.

Love Mama.



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