NHL Frenzy

by Rumour Miller on June 8, 2011

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I was born in Edmonton, Alberta.  The City of Champions.  My father, a die-hard hockey fan (even to this day), had tickets to the Edmonton Oilers.  His favourite team.  I grew up watching the likes of Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier.

I grew up with a father that would yell at the television when his team was losing and jump so high from his chair when his team was winning.  When I was about the same age that Piper is now (5), I went with my Dad to the Northlands Coliseum (as it was then called) to watch the Oilers play.  I was probably more interested in the ice cream treats and the popcorn than I was in the actual hockey game but that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that I was there with my Dad.

I can remember the chill in the arena and walking up the stairs to our seats.  I remember how dark it was when we left.  I do not remember much else.  I don’t remember which team was visiting and I have no idea who won.

If you are (or live with someone who is) an NHL fan, then you have heard that the City of Winnipeg has finally been selected to have another team play there.  You have probably heard about the Drive to 13,000 campaign and how quickly that goal was met.  You have probably heard that the fans want the team to be named the Jets just like the old days.

There is some kind of NHL Frenzy happening around here, there is no question about that.

I’m not going to lie, I was very skeptical that 13,000 season tickets would be sold.  I wondered how that would happen.  I did not believe that it would.  I asked Craig if he was interested in getting season tickets and he started crunching numbers and looking at the arena seating plan.  Then I called my Dad…. one of the biggest hockey fans that I know and asked him if he was interested.

So, on Saturday June 4, 2011, Craig joined (what seemed to be the rest of the world) other excited fans and logged into the Drive to 13,000 website in hopes of securing some season tickets.  And just like that…. it was over.  In seconds the season tickets SOLD  OUT.  I was shocked.

Lucky for us though, our family snagged two.

Our children will have the same experience that I did as a young girl.  Going to NHL hockey games with their Daddy and I see a giveaway on my blog sometime this year ;-).

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urbandaddy June 9, 2011 at 11:20 pm

I just hope they don’t call the team the Roughriders. LOL.

It must have been amazing living in a city with so much success in hockey and the CFL. Truly the City of Champions! I’m born and raised in Toronto, so Toronto Rock / Blue Jays aside it’s been rough here.

Go Jets / Golden Jets / Moose / whatever they are called. 🙂

Rumour Miller June 10, 2011 at 8:58 pm

It was pretty cool and even back then I knew it. My Mom took us watch practises and we were able to meet the team (or most of them). I don’t have a very vivid memory of it, but I can recall bits and pieces of those days. We moved to Ontario when I was 8 or so.

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