Our Annie

by Rumour Miller on June 15, 2011

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Our Annie is a Shi Poo.  She is a big ball of fluff and cuteness and has settled in quite nicely here at The Rumour Mill headquarters.  We are all so happy with our newest addition.  She sleeps and naps most often in her little white and pink kennel.  It is located in our family room just off of the kitchen.  She has some chew toys that she loves to swing in her mouth and chew on.  She also still really loves my slippers, Davi’s slippers and some of the girls toys.  Needless to say, we must still keep an eye on her.

The Big Girls think it is funny when they find her snoozing in her kennel all stretched out on her back.  I explained to them that it is a sign of a happy, comfortable puppy.  She is relaxed and comfortable in our home and is able to spread herself out and breathe a big sigh.


Annie joined our family on our first camping trip for 2011 and I was so impressed with her!  She was so wonderfully behaved that any questions I had about bringing her home vanished.  We brought her kennel for the ride in the van and for sleeping in.  We also brought her little pen so she wouldn’t wander off on us.  We hardly heard a peep out of her all weekend.  While sleeping in the camper she hardly moved.  We almost forgot she was there!


She also getting used to being on a lead.  She still has so much to learn but she is one smart puppy and she is learning fast!  We are also training the girls on how to walk Annie, feed Annie and learn Annie’s potty signs so that they can be actively involved in her care.  Piper is the most involved right now but as the other two grow they will get invloved more often.

Life has been good with the addition of Annie and I think the girls would agree.  Even Quinn, who really wasn’t all that sure about her at first.  Well, she tries to carry Annie, hugs her, pets her and plays with her now.  It didn’t take her long to warm up to our Annie Bananie.

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