Soccer Season

by Rumour Miller on June 17, 2011

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Is Over.  Already.  We hardly had a chance to play.  Spring has been rainy and wet and has caused most of our games to be cancelled.  The girls have their wind ups tomorrow (rain or shine) and guess what… it’s calling for rain.  Such a frustrating spring. weather wise.

It’s been a learning experience in coordinating schedules and being available to watch Davilyn and coach Piper.  I have had to switch spots with Craig so that I could get to Davilyn’s field and watch her.  She only played for a half hour but it was the first half hour of Piper’s hour-long games.  I found that really difficult.  I felt torn between the two fields and I really wanted to be there with Davilyn to help her out.  Coaching was fun and I know Piper loved having me as Coach.  This is a reminder of what our future will be like when all three girls are involved in activities.

As much as I enjoyed coaching, I just don’t know if it is going to be an option for me next year.  I did not like having to choose between Coaching Piper’s team and watching Davilyn play.  It will all depend on what time they play.  Tomorrow, Davi has her last game at 9:30 and Piper has her first game at the same time.  Piper has two other games but that is Davi’s one and only.

I do love to watch Piper play too.  She is just so comfortable with a soccer ball at her feet.  Plus… she loves to play.  Her season is ending and she is telling me that it wasn’t long enough.  I’m sure it feels that much shorter because of the terrible weather we have had and all the cancelled games.  There is always next year!

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