Father’s Day

by Rumour Miller on June 19, 2011

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“Some may own castles on the bank of the Rhine

and hire an orchestra each evening at nine

-but richer than I they will never be!

I had a Father who spent time with me. “

~Author unknown

We had a great weekend here at The Rumour Mill headquarters.  The weather was amazing and glorious.  There was no rain, there were no mosquitoes and our little family of five spent all of it together.

There were soccer games to be played and medals to receive.  Ice cream treats to eat and faces to be painted.  It was the perfect morning for the soccer wind up and we all had a great time!  Davilyn had one game, that I was able to watch.  I was so happy to watch her get her very first medal and she was darn tootin proud.  So were we.

Me and my 3 Divas!  I guess it’s pretty clear in this photo below who inherited their Mama’s chin!  All 3 Divas, that’s who.

The weather was so beautiful and it stayed that way long into the evening.  So we set up all the water toys in the back yard and Piper got right down to business teaching Davilyn how to use the slip n slide.  She sure has it mastered now and has come a long way from the first year she had one in 2008.

Quinner took the opportunity to jump on the trampoline without her big sisters.  She mostly just runs around it and rolls around but soon enough she will be catching some air of her own.

Today for Father’s Day, we went to McDonald’s for breakfast and let the girls play.  Then we ended the day on some Go-Carts, Bumper Boats, and a Jumping Pillow.  It was a great way to celebrate their Daddy and spend our time as a family.  Quinn was not old enough to go on any of these things, but she did not notice.  She just enjoyed watching everything going on around her.

The girls loved these Go-Carts!  They had smaller, slower ones for Piper and she enjoyed it but she was loving the big one with her Daddy.  She started of by telling him not to go too fast and then before he knew she was yelling, “Faster Daddy, pass those guys!”

They are always reminding us to take a minute to stop and smell the flowers.

And, it’s this face that tells me that everything we do with our girls is worth it.  I love this big ol smile that she wears on her face.  This has been her expression since before she turned one and the good time that she is having is always displayed on her face.

I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day.  Celebrating the Dads in your life (and Moms who have played the role of Dad).  I am thankful for a Dad that took me fishing with him, hunting with him, sledding and Christmas tree harvesting.

I am thankful that my daughters have a father that is involved on a daily basis in their lives.  He teaches them, cares for them, loves them, hugs them, sings with them (fruit salad, yummy yummy), dances with them, plays with them, discipline them and tells them that he loves them.

We all love you too.  Happy Father’s Day.

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Craig Miller June 19, 2011 at 10:33 pm

I had a great day with all my girls!

Wish I didn’t have to continue the week with a work trip!

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