Month 15 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on June 23, 2011

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Dearest Quinn ~

15 months old is now the age of my baby.  My Mama’s Girl.  You play very shy but can warm up quickly when you want to.  When Daddy gets back from his trips, you really miss him and love that he is home.  This gives me a break, if only for a brief time.

You can say Mama, which is the word you say the most often.  We have also heard you say, Papa, Annie, Hi, and Bye.  You don’t say these very often and we were so excited when we heard you say Annie.  You really have settle in with Annie and you love to sit in front of her kennel when she is in it.

You love to dance.  It is so cute the way you move your bum and bounce up and down.  It is so funny.

Quinn ~ we are scheduled to go camping for the July long weekend.  We need to discuss your sleeping habits when we are away from home.  Like, how you refuse to sleep well.  Ya.  Not acceptable.  Please sleep well when we go camping.  It is much more enjoyable for all of us when you do.  Especially for me, since you seem to prefer me to everyone else these days (although your Daddy is a very close second!  He is almost passing me, but not quite).  Deal?  Sleeping well when we are camping.  Check.  I am going to hold you to that.

Mama loves you Chickadee.

Love Mama.

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