Month 64 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on July 6, 2011

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Dear Piper ~

We received a letter in the mail yesterday advising us that there is approximately 60 days left until you start Kindergarten.  You were so excited!  You wanted to know how many sleeps that was.  I didn’t want to give it much more thought.  I did not want to think about how fast you are growing up but your excitement for it is contagious!

We have a week of fun planned for July and I cannot wait to spend that time together!  I hope we get some great weather for all of our adventures.

Daddy took you out on a special date with him and I missed all the fun.  You played mini golf and tried the batting cages.  You have been pleading with me to let you try baseball.  I am pretty sure that at some point, you will.  There has to be something that won’t interfere with soccer, right?

You having been asking to go fishing for some time now too.  Piper, how are we going to fit all of the adventures you want to try into our schedules?  If you had your way, we would be trying something new everyday.  I think that is a great spirit to have!  You will need it when you get older and set in your ways.

You and Davilyn have really started to show each other some sisterly love.  Always calling each other a bestie or hugging and helping each other out.  I.Love.This.  Less fighting, more loving, please.  You think it is awesome when you make Quinn laugh.  When you both get giggling, it is really hard not to join on in.  It’s infectious!

Piper… always remember that we love you.  You make this life worth it.

Mama loves you,

Love Mama.

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