Pause Button

by Rumour Miller on August 15, 2011

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In a few weeks, I will be a Mama to a child in kindergarten, a child in preschool and a toddler.

In a few weeks, my baby will be part of the public school system.

In a few weeks, my second baby will be creating masterpieces for me to cherish and hang on my fridge.

In a few weeks, my third baby will be standing at the door waving her sisters off to school.

My babies are growing up. Moving on.  Experiencing adventures.

I’m trying to be part of as much of it as I can.  I want to be here to drive them to school in the morning and my heart tugs because I also want to be the one to pick them up.  The first person that they talk to about their day.  The first person to see their treasures and hear their stories.  If only I really was Super Mom.  I could easily be anywhere at anytime.

My super power would be a remote control with a working “pause life” button.

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