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by Rumour Miller on August 25, 2011

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I had this nagging feeling that we were letting the summer slip us by without having had many adventures.  We stayed home for our holidays this year and although we kept busy, I felt like something was missing.  When Craig and I talked about it, he felt the opposite.  He felt like we had been on the go quite a bit.  He had plans to get some things done around the house and yard but never found the time.

I really started to think about this and was wondering why I was feeling that our summer was ending but I had so much to do.  Then I realized that last summer was the last summer I spent at home with the 3 Divas full-time. Last summer, the girls and I lived out of suitcases and were hardly home.  Last July, we hardly spent a week in our own beds.

I loved it.  Every single second and every last adventure had until September arrived and school and hockey started. Now I realize just how much I miss it.

Then I started to look at some of my photos and I realized (again) that we did have some great adventures this summer.

We played at parks.

We played at beaches in the sand and the water.

We practised our swimming!

We bathed in Superstore bins in our camper.

We took Annie for walks.

We enjoyed our own back yard and our slip and slide.

We rode go carts.

We made a mess at Gramma’s house.

We picked raspberries, peas and potatoes out of Papa’s garden.

We went fishing!

And hung out with Eric Fehr.

We had our family visit with us while camping.

We went to the museum and made funny faces.  (Can you guess who is who?)

We baked together and filled our tummys.

We did the back float in a pool.

Rode some pretty great water slides.

And saw the Smurfs at the movie theatre.

Once I went back and looked at all these photos, I quickly realized that we have had our fair share of adventures this summer.  Those aren’t even half of our adventures.  We just didn’t live out of a suitcase.  It’s been great but we are heading into the fall stretch and soon the routine of school and hockey will be keeping us busy.  I love summer but fall is a favourite of mine, for sure.

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