And so it begins….

by Rumour Miller on August 30, 2011

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The days are getting shorter and the sun sets much earlier.  Diva 2 has noticed this and asked why the sun was so tired.

“The Sun has worked hard giving us warm summer days.”

Tomorrow Diva 1 starts hockey camp.  I can’t believe we are embarking on year two.  My Sporty Spice jumped for joy when we reminded her that she was playing hockey tomorrow.

“Woo Hoo!  Hockey camp!”

In a week, school.  Tonight as we drove into town, we waved and cheered for Davilyn’s preschool and then we waved and cheered for Piper’s big school.  How is it that I have a baby old enough to be in kindergarten.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were bringing Davilyn home from the NICU.  I guess not.

And so it begins.

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