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by Rumour Miller on September 18, 2011

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We are back spending time at the rink.  Piper has been busy with a hockey camp.  Hockey registration was this week as was Canskate registration.  I have two Divas that will be on ice this winter.  Davilyn is also going to give Dance a try.  We are going to a class on Tuesday evening and if she likes it, we will register her. She is very excited about the idea of dancing.  I have a feeling that she is going to love it.

Yesterday, this conversation took place in our house (after we talked about Davi taking a dance class):

Davi:  “I’m going to practise my dancing.”

Piper: “Davi, I think you will be a good dancer.”

Davi:  “I know, Piper.”

Oh my gosh, they make me laugh!

Halloween is sneaking up on us.  As is a trip to Vegas and Craig’s 40th birthday.  The Big Girls picked out their own costumes this year.  Their choices are not surprising in the least.  I bet you could guess correctly what they will dress up as.  They are not matching or going in synch this year, so Quinn will wear a costume that one of her sisters used before her.

Craig turns 40 in October and we are going to Vegas to celebrate.  It is sneaking up on us, only a month away now.  I am so excited!

It’s a cool fall day here today.  Craig took the big girls in for Piper’s hockey camp and Quinn and I have been doing laundry and dancing.  Taco Soup is on our menu for supper tonight.  Easy meal.  The smell will take over the house as it cooks in the slow cooker.  There is just something about meals from the slow cooker to warm you up.  I enjoy our fall and winter menu.

The Big Girls have their first week of school under their belts.  It still amazes me that my children have gotten so big.  I am also fortunate that I can drop them both off two days a week and on Fridays, I can pick Piper up.  Piper sprints out of the truck to her friends.  Davi still needs more help but repeatedly tells me how excited she is to be going to school and to see her friends.  We have done something right.

Happy Sunday, friends.

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