Purple Heart Walk for Shannon

by Rumour Miller on October 2, 2011

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My family and I are off for our 5k walk in honour of our friend, Shannon.

I posted about my friend, Shannon, in July.  Shannon passed away suddenly from a heart condition. There was no warning.  No time to prepare.  She was 35 and left behind a husband and her 5-year-old daughter.  So often we take for granted the blessings in our life and the duration of our life.  We just assume that we will walk our children to kindergarten on their first day of school.  We plan to coach their hockey teams and fundraise for their dance classes.  We anticipate the emotions we will feel when they graduate from highschool and we dream of the day that we leave them in a city far away for University.

We look forward to dancing with our children on their wedding day and beaming when we become grandparents.  We have a plan for our own lives, often forgetting that we are not the one that is charge of that plan.  My friend Shannon had these same dreams and all this life left to live.  Her daughter started kindergarten last month.

All pledges and donations will be shared between two really wonderful causes.  One is the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the other is to the
Trust fund of my friend’s daughter.  Any support is greatly appreciated and you can contact me directly, if you still wish to make a donation.

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