Month 69 – Letter to Piper

by Rumour Miller on December 6, 2011

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Dear Piper ~

I love you!  Your excitement this time of year takes me back to when I was young.  I love your enthusiasm and your excitement.  We saw Santa in a parade the other day and you were waving and yelling “Hi, Santa!”.  You overheard some older girls saying Santa needed to eat his cookies, he was looking too skinny.  You looked at me and said, “Is that the real Santa or the pretend helper Santa?”  I, matter of factly said, “Oh, he’s the real one.”  That was all you needed to hear.

Some day, you are going to come home and tell me that he isn’t real.  I want you to remember that he is real.  His magic is all we need and it’s very real.  It lives in those who just believe in it. It lives in me and it will live in you.  One day in the (very) distant future it will live in the hearts of your children too.  You just need to remember that.

You are an awesome ringette player.  I am not just saying that because you are my daughter.  You.are.good.  When you are focused and committed, you score goals and make great passes.  You help out your team and you play hard.  Keep it up.

You make me proud.  Everyday.

Mama loves you, Magoo.

Love Mama

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