Last Christmas

by Rumour Miller on December 7, 2011

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Christmas Cards are exchanged in our home each Christmas.  Everyone gets one from everyone else.  They are laid out under the tree and we open them on Christmas Day.

Each year, I look at the cards from the year before.  Some are keepers.  Like these two.  Last year, Craig and I bought each other (almost) identical cards.  They did not look the same but they both said this:

This Christmas,

if you catch me looking at you

with a smile on my face

and a twinkle in my eye…

I’m probably thinking about

all the Christmases

we’ve shared

and how wonderful

being in love with you

still makes me feel.

Merry Christmas

with all my heart.



I don’t recall last year if we realized that we gave each other the same cards.  This year while reading them, it was a quiet reminder of the connection that we share.

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