Month 21 – Letter to Quinn

by Rumour Miller on December 23, 2011

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Dearest Quinn ~

Your second Christmas is right around the corner and our home is giddy with excitement!  I can’t wait to watch you enjoy your special presents under the tree.  You love Santa… that is until you actually see him.  Then you run and hide behind Mama.  You point and say, “Nana, Nana” and we all know you are saying “Santa”.



You have the cutest smile and love to get your picture taken. You are starting to talk more and use more words.  It hasn’t stopped the screaming in its tracks but I remain hopeful.  That is going to stop, right?  You love to hear music and dance, you copy your sisters and you love to wear Mama’s shoes (maybe even more than Davi did).

You have been fighting bed time lately and I think it is just because you enjoy being with just Mama.  We sit on the couch together and read books and you “chat”.  It’s hard, in our hectic family, to get some one on one time.  Looks like you have managed to find a way.  I enjoy our time together and all your kisses.

Mama loves you, Chickadee.

Love Mama

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