What Sound is This?

by Rumour Miller on December 27, 2011

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It’s the silence of an empty house after Christmas.

My parents and sister left this morning and took all 3 Divas with them.

We had a great Christmas here.  Everyone received some wonderful gifts.  The girls were so excited to see that Santa had arrived to our home and a flurry of wrapping paper went flying.  I am pretty sure I will still be finding it around the house this spring.

We sat around the table on Christmas Eve day.  Eating.  Playing games and cards.

The Big Girls are big enough and are starting to love playing games and cards.  Quinn is still just along for the ride.  We played our own version of Pictureka.

The girls fight over sitting in laps.  There was a lot of musical laps around here.

And this visit right here… always a highlight on our Christmas Eve.  I love how excited the girls are about Santa.  Piper was so shocked to see him at the door when she answered it!  Ha!

Here my Piperoni gets to sit on Santa’s lap.  She didn’t get to when we did the mall Santa and she wasn’t very pleased about that.

Davilyn had promptly announced to Santa that she would not be sitting on his lap.  Oh my gosh, she is so funny.  We did convince her to go and stand next to him for a photo opportunity.

Quinn wasn’t exactly scared of the Big Man in Red, but she wasn’t offering up a snuggle either.  She gladly took her candy cane and gift from him and stood with her sisters, but that was about it.  She wasn’t terrified or crying, she just knew she wouldn’t be getting too close.  We are so lucky that he comes to visit us each year!  This is a highlight for me.  I love that my girls get a special visit on Christmas Eve from Santa.  He has been coming to visit us on Christmas Eve for 5 years now.

Early in the afternoon on Christmas Eve, we ventured out for a Sleigh Ride.  The girls had quite a bit of fun and Quinn almost fell asleep near the end of the ride.  I enjoyed it too and both Craig and I think we would certainly do it again.  The weather has been mild, we hardly had any snow and this was a great way to get out for some fresh air.


We were told that we could jump off and chase after the sleigh, but they wouldn’t stop so it was up to us to catch up.  One of the girls dropped a hat or a mitten and Craig jumped off to retrieve it.  It’s always fun watching someone try to run through the snow wearing big snow boots, snow pants and big jacket.  He managed to catch us and get back on.  This was his view.  Running while everyone laughed at him.

Little Quinner was so tuckered out near the end.  She got up and went to sit in Papa’s lap where she almost fell asleep.

Piper loved chasing the sleigh!  Davilyn loved it too but she had a hard time to get back on…

So there was a bit of a group effort to pull her up!

And that was our Christmas Eve.  It was loud and our house got messy.  The kids (big and small) were excited for Santa’s arrival and we had a good afternoon at a Ranch in a Sleigh.


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